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Your partner for technology related projects. We believe in combining Collaboration, Innovation and Technology to help you achieve your goals.


Windows applications and websites are all about user experience and usefulness.

Let's work together to build the application or website you want with the features you need. 

 I can use C#, VB, Html, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Microsoft Access, and many other tools to make your vision a reality.


I enjoy solving mysteries, so resolving hardware and networking issues comes naturally for me.

Whether it is installing new hardware & software or fixing the old stuff, I can help.

I have worked with Windows server and desktop operating systems, VMware, RDP, and Citrix. I also have experience with routers, switches, access points, and storage devices.

Cost Savings

I have partnered with a master agent. That means that I can perform a little magic with your utility bills.

I'll even do it without charging you any fees.

Send me a copy of your business phone and internet bills and I can probably make them shrink.

If you live in a state that has deregulated electricity, I can probably save you money on that as well.

There is no fee for this service so feel free to give it a shot.

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The world has become truly mobile. Thousands of mobile apps are installed every day. Millions of SMS messages are sent and read.

If your business needs an app there are two ways I can help.

I can quickly and inexpensively build the app for you and publish it to the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Or, if you are adventurous and tech savvy, you can build it yourself using my platform and save yourself the development fee.
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Oh yeah, I can help you with the SMS marketing thing too.

Thinking of moving to the cloud?

Think you're ready for the cloud? It can be a great way to go for small to medium size businesses.

Which cloud? Microsoft? Google? Amazon ? Zoho?

There are lots of things to think about. Call me and we can discuss the possibilities and decide which route is right for you.

I can help you to work with a number of cloud providers to find you just the right fit for your business.

I can also point out a lot of the obstacles you might encounter along the way and how to get around them.

Cloud Telephony

There are a lot of commercial VOIP telephony systems available today. Some of them are quite expensive.

There are also a lot of Cloud based providers.
They can be a lot more cost effective, and offer more features as well.

How do you choose one?
What do you look for? How do you find an unbiased expert to help you out?

Through my partnering agreement with a Master Agent, I can offer you their expertise. They work with many different providers, and their  14 years of experience gives them the clarity to guide you on the path to success.

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Interested? Curious? Let's talk.!

Unbiased Advice

Technology can be a maze sometimes. Everyone is trying to sell you something, so of course their product has to be the best.

But how do you know which product is the best for you?

Ask me for advice. I'll be unbiased because I am not the one trying to sell you something.

Let me do the research. Anyone can use Google, but knowing what to look for and how to best find it is an art.

Let me be YOUR expert. The one on your side, free of ulterior motives.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access and the rest of the Microsoft office suite are fantastic tools.  

They become even more powerful when you know how to tie them together and automate them.

I can help you build a solution quickly and inexpensively.

I have built applications within Access that have been used internationally for many years.


When it comes to consulting I have one weakness.

I enjoy training my clients to better understand the technology they use.

Unfortunately, that means that as time goes on they learn to do more for themselves and they need me less.  The satisfaction I feel makes it worth it though.

I have trained people at the college level and adhoc in the workplace. 

You tell me what you need. You are the boss here.

Utility Programming

Utilities are programs that only do one or two things but they do them extremely well.

They are designed to simplify or automate some task that continually ends up on your ToDo list. They can also tie systems together or enhance their functionality in ways you've only dreamed of. 

Knowing that I am removing some repetitive task from your To-Do list is a wonderful feeling.  

And if I can build in capabilities that you hadn't even thought of it is that much better.

After all, you do have better things to do than remembering to convert and email that file every week, right?

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

OK, so you have systems from two vendors.

They need to talk. You have data from one that needs to go into the other one, but first that data needs to be extracted from the first system, cleansed, converted, standardized and finally loaded into the second system.

Sounds fun right? No?

Ok, let me do it for you. If it is an ongoing thing maybe we can even automate it.

Database Work

Sequel server, MySql, SQLite, Microsoft Access. They each have their uses. And their own learning curves.

If you have data (who doesn't) and you need someplace to store it you might use one of them. But if you want to see it again, you'll need to understand queries and indexes and table structure and report creation.

Let me help you with that.

Who is Entwine, LLC?

Entwine means to connect or tie together. We embody this concept in many ways.

We can provide custom mobile apps to keep you connected to your customers even after they walk out your door. 

We can tie your technology together by using services from our many vendors combined with our many years of experience.

We can help you entwine new technology throughout your business. We can also keep your existing technology working correctly. As we help you grow your relationship with technology, we also help you grow your success.

Our motto is 'Combine collaboration with technology and innovation to enhance customer success'.

Picture of John Miller

Who am I?

My name is John Miller. I am the founder and owner of Entwine, LLC. I am a Tech and Sales professional with over 25 years of experience working with technology. I've developed innovative software, built networks and servers and trained end-users.

I grew up building and fixing things with my family. It was kind of our thing. I still love doing it, except now I do it using computer technology instead of hammers and wrenches. Entwine, LLC is the result of that love for technology.

I believe that by combining collaboration with technology and innovation we can solve almost any challenge. We must first understand the big picture. Then find a way to frame it in the technology that is available today. It takes experience to recognize how to do this.

Enough about me. I'm curious about why you're here. Something brought you here

I would guess that it is a challenge that you are facing or a project that you want to build. Those things are the important things here, and we can help you with them. 

Feel free to contact me. I won't charge you to discuss your project. If nothing else, hopefully, you can leave that call with some insights that you didn't have before. 

Click here to set aside some time on my schedule. View my calendar.

 Take a quick scroll through our pages to see some of the ways that I can help you with your efforts.

What Our Fantastic Users Say

"I highly recommend John Miller for any computer or software projects that you may have. I have worked with programs that John developed for many years. John is not only a great with support, he understands computer language and also has the common sense to make the program user friendly and easy to use for the average person. John was instrumental in converting our company’s old cobol platform mating program to a windows-based program. John also developed programs to transfer files from the computer to a data collector for on farm use all over the world and in different languages. John’s programs have been used by many people in many different country’s all over the world." 
"I have known John since 2005 and have worked on a variety of projects together. He is exceptional at planning and developing multiple solutions to help execute major projects. John is well diversed in information systems and completely understands the importance of security and efficiency. Not only does he excel in software and hardware solutions, he's personable and sincerely concerned about the well-being of others and the success of their business. I highly recommend John for any company or individual that is looking for a motivated and knowledgeable person to move their information systems forward."

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